Great service!


Fantastic job, super fast shipping.  I was hesitant to send an expensive glove off so far away, but we are so happy with the results.  With 5 boys in our house that play ball, we will most definitely use you in the future.  Thank you again!


I was very happy with the work and the glove was mailed back to me quickly.  


Very quick turn around.


Pleasantly surprised to have 30-year-old glove returned to me in like-new condition, not only fully relaced, but reshaped.


Not only great work, fast turnaround as well.  Thanks


Excellent job and very quick!!!  We need the gloves in prep for a tournament and they were return with days.  Thank you!!!


Always helpful with questions and always a first rate job!


I'm very pleased and will recommend you to any of my friends who are passing on their gloves to their grand kids.


I sent in my wife's glove that she used in college circa late 90s... she was absolutely thrilled that "her glove' had been renewed and given a new lease on life... She was very excited about the padding as well as our daughter who has started stealing the glove more often.


I did this for my husband.  He was surprised and absolutely thrilled!  Thank you for a great job done!


Kevin was very professional, he turned out a fantastic complete replace job in just a few days. I am very pleased and will definitely use Glove Relace in the future.


Fast delivery - Very nice work.


Great job! Fast and friendly.


Old favorite glove.  Like new


Very happy with the service


I had two gloves fully relaced; a Rawlings catchers mitt and a Wilson A2000 Made in the USA glve from the 1970's. The work done was outstanding. 

I would certainly do business again with Glove Relace. Prices were reasonable and the work done was outstanding. Thanks.


I am a Little League President and plan to recommend GR to members of my league.

Just started to play ball again in a 45 plus league...could not wait to use my college ball glove again from 30 years ago. Thought it retired from playing when I did   GloveRelace made it happen  Now hoping the physical part of the game will come back as good as the glove did  Thank you

Y'all did an outstanding job! Will use you every time. Thank you!

I am very pleased with the quality of work and will definitely use (and recommend) the service. Thank you.

Very well done. Timely and great quality. I would certainly recommend to anyone in need of the service.

They did a GREAT job and were very fast!

The turnaround time was fantastic!

The stitching was very well done. The turnaround time was quite acceptable

The relacing was beautiful.

The relacing brought new life to this great Rawlings glove. My grandson is back in action with it and he loves it.

The craftsmanship was outstanding, and the turn-around time was so quick.  I appreciate the job done overall and have recommended GloveRelace.com to all of my high school and travel softball players.

Super fast service. Great quality. Thanks!

Quick, affordable, and easy

quick turn around and outstanding wor

my glove returned beautifully relaced. excellent job A++. i will be sending another glove to be fixed up soon

My favorite glove was back in action this season!  Thanks

I was little skeptical about sending my glove off that far, but I am very satisfied with the results. The price was more than reasonable.

I have had two gloves re-laced.  Great job!  They look great and my son loves them!  Great turn-around.

Hello, I recently had my old glove of about 30 years old fully relaced including padding.  I love the way the glove turned out and, to me, it feels like a new glove again.
I would definitely recommend GloveRelace to folks

Great work and very affordable. Thank you

Great job.  Extended the life of a great mitt

Good price, system on website made it very easy to order and describe the work I needed to be done. Turnaround was very quick.

Fast service, glove looks new again. Thanks

Best relace job Ive ever seen.

All I can say is wow. I had considered trashing my old glove. It was a sentimental to me so I tried having it restrung and I'm so glad I did. Playing catch with my son with my glove that had I thought had seen its last catch was priceless. I think it's better than new and I am grateful for the quick quality work that was done and the process was so simple. It's hard to imagine that this kind of service still exists. You all were awesome and I only wish I had sent it to you sooner!

Awesome job - gave new life to my son's favorite mitt.

Dropped the glove off for total lace replacement and received it in the mail 4 days later! Perfect job!

Excellent job done on my glove!  Came back in like-new condition!

Excellent job in relacing and reconditioning my Wilson A2000 XXL!  Super fast in completing the glove and shipping it back as well! I would highly recommend GloveRelace to anyone who would like to turn their old glove like new again!
Excellent work, fast turn around.  Highly recommend!

Fast, efficient and professional.  A great service.

Glove came back in like-new condition! Thanks!

Glove looks great. Thanks!

"GloveRelace.com did a very good job relacing and padding my catchers mitt.  I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.

Great job. Prompt service.

I am thrilled with what you've done for my glove. It looks great and I can't stop putting it on and throwing a ball into it. You provided a very special service for something I absolutely love. I considered trying to relace the entire thing myself, but didn't want to screw it up. For $60, including shipping, it was well worth it.

I have already referred you to another player and his family!

I haven even given the card you sent out to another parent as well as the web address.  You did beautiful work on my son's glove.

I sent Kevin a glove that was 30 years old. My dad used this A2000 when he played. Over the years, I restrung what I could. It has been sitting for about 10 years. I figured I'd never use it again. You guys did an amazing job and I have used it for months now.  Thanks again!!

I was totally impressed.  My glove was last used when I pitched A shut out in Japan for the Kadena Air Force base It was in Oct.1959.  The glove was in very bad shape,but it looks and feels like new.  Thank you very much

Just what I needed....great job....and fast turnaround!!

Kevin did a great job with my glove.  I've had my Wilson A2000 since 1978 and it is still in great shape.  When it needed relacing this go around I decided to let the professionals handle it since the glove in getting old.  Kevin did a great job and the glove feels like new all over again. Thanks.

Made my 20 year old Nokona from high school function like it was brand new. Would recommend to anyone looking to extend the life of a glove.

My glove looks like new and I'm very happy on the value and turn time.

"Received the relaced glove back in better than new condition & quickly, which surprised me with the flooding going on at that time in your region.

The service was fast…even over the 4th of July weekend!

"Very Fast and fair. Thanks"

You do great, fast work!

Kevin, thanks for the great job doing a FULL relace of my Wilson "Big Scoop" first basemen's mitt.  It looks better now than when it was new!  Great customer service as well...thank you.

Glove came back looking better than new.  Great job.  Will tell my teammates.

Thank you so much for taking care of my glove.  The red laces completely change the look.  It's beautiful!!!  I had requested for rush order and you guys delivered... It came back to my within 3 days.  I will definitely use your services again and recommend it to all my friends.

Great job. Couldn't be happier. 

Fast turn around and great job relacing my son's glove.  Will recommend glove relace to all.  
Thanks again

Very Fast. Glove looks fantastic. Thanks.

From Connecticut to Texas and back within 5 days...outstanding service and the lacing is brand new again.  Excellent job!

Your company was a pleasure to deal w/, and everything was done very quickly and quite well

My 40 year old glove was in need of major attention.  GloveRelace did a remarkable job at restoring it so we can pass it along to my son.  Thank you!

Excellent job. Thank you and I definitely use your service in the future as well as recommend you to others.


Very nice. Everything was done in a timely manner. 

This is for the partial relacing of my 1st baseman's glove.  It brought it back to life!  Thanks!  Well done.  After this, I sent 2 other gloves in for relacing!

The relacing of my old Wilson catchers mitt was perfectly done.  The glove is like new again!  And the black lacing gives it a very distinct look.

The relacing of my father's 40+ year old Rawlings glove was a huge success.  It will be a nice Fathers Day gift, as he thought this glove was ready for the trash bin.

Couldn't have asked for a better job.  Fast turn-around even in the middle of Little League season.  Thank You!

Relacing was excellent.

Very good customer service and attention.  Lacing and requested padding was done with excellent craftsmanship. 

My Wilson A2000 was restored to near new condition.  Referred to my softball team and others were sending their gloves to be repaired.  THX

Great job. Should add many years to my once old tired glove.

Nice work.  Very fast turn around time

Definitely have Kevin relace your glove.  It came back good as now. No need to break in a new one!

I was absolutely amazed at how quickly GloveRelace turned around my repair. The work done was absolutely perfect and the pricing was more than reasonable. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who needs a glove repaired. I couldn't have been happier with the service. Thanks.

Quick and good customer service. 

Loved the way the glove looked

My glove is 25-30 years old and the laces finally went out. I was really impressed how well the glove has been restored. Thanks!

The process was so quick.  My son's glove was back in less than a week and the glove looked brand new. So glad we went this route instead of buying and breaking in a new one.  Such professionals!!!

Bought my son a brand new expensive glove but he still loved his old beat up glove he used forever.  So, sent it to GloveRelace and now it looks like brand new!  He loves it, says it not only looks great but feels great too.

Did a great job.

My son's old glove looks brand new . Many years built back into it...thank you so much for a wonderful job.

Outstanding customer service and collective catchers glove relace, padding, and reconditioning.  The final product was a very successful restoration which brought a huge smile to my son.  Thank you very much for your professional service to baseball.

Great job, and quick return. No hassles. Thanks a bunch.

Nice work.  Very fast turn around time

Great job...glove felt like new again :-)

Excellent Service, will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you so much

You did a great job relacing my glove, Kevin.  I may send you a few more gloves to relace soon, even though they don't even need it.  That's how impressed I was with the work you did on the first glove I sent you.  Nice work!

I was very pleased with the work done on my glove. The gloved once belonged to my dad and I was worried that it wasn't good any more. I did a search on the internet and was pleased to see that it was repairable and I was happy to send my glove to a location in the great state of Texas.

Thank you GloveRelace for bringing my "vintage" glove back to life. Terrific job and I am greatly aprreciative!

Thanks Again!

Very quick! Great job too!

I was in a hurry to get my glove back & GloveRelace really came through.



You were great.  You saved my glove.

It was great -- done nice, fast service!

Just received the glove a few minutes ago.  It's better than I expected - very satisfied.  Thanks for a great job.

OUTSTANDING job on my Wilson A2000!

Great work.  When you get to be older memories mean a lot more than I would have imagined when I was younger. When I slip my hand in the glove now for a few moments I'm 15 years old again and playing baseball from dawn to dusk with a care in the world.

Very nice! Thank You!

The glove came back faster than I could have expected, and the quality was outstanding.  Great job

Wow! Nice job! Just by relacing and conditioning the glove now stands up on its side and looks brand new!

Astonishing job of restoration! 

Looks brand new great job!!

Thank you sir! you did a great job with it I love how it looks.

Amazing as usual!

Did a great job and in a very timely manner.  Thank you!

Great job, super quick turnaround.

I'm very pleased & have already given out GloveRelace's info to friends.

Great job, didn't except it to look so good..thanks

You guys added years, if not decades, of use to a favorite glove.  The service went exactly as expected.  

They did a great job, I’m very pleased with their work. I had them restring the whole glove, and they recondition too, with a fast turnaround time. 

Thanks for the great work and quick turnaround!

This was my minor league glove and I wanted to keep it in working condition.   Thanks again!

Very fast and glove has worked great. Overall great work.  Thanks

I am very satisfied with the relace job.

Overall great job!!

The glove looks and feels like new! Great job, thanks.

Like the glove I got back and my daughter couldn't believe it was the same glove.  Had it for over 20 years.

The relace was excellent and done in a timely manner. I recommend GloveRelace to everyone needing relacing.

Good service, prompt delivery

Your workmanship is impeccable. Thank you.

Looked just like new. Thanks!

Terrific job
Very pleased with the quick turn-a-round that I got when sending in my glove for a complete relace and very pleased with the quality of work. 

Glove works like a new glove that has been broken in!!! LOVE.

Relacing was excellent.

This is our 2nd or 3rd glove relace order. They are really quick and have always returned a nicely relaced glove! Thanks!!!!

Hey thanks so much for the glove relace. I have been using it so far for the outfield! -Matt
You guys were fast, reasonably priced, and did a perfect job. Thanks. 

You did a wonderful job on my baseball glove. Thank you

I have recommended glove relace to a few of my friends as well.
Very fast turnaround & excellent service quality. 

Great job looking forward to using it in May, thanks again
Great job! Top notch work and fast return. Keep up the great work Kevin, you've got a customer for life 

Outstanding service, the glove was turned around very quickly. Everything worked just as smoothly as expected
You've made a 30 year old catcher's mitt new again! I have recommended your services to a number of my players. Thank You!
The partial relace of my Rawlings glove was expertly done and accomplished in very short order as promised. For whatever reason, the Post Office held my and several other customer's return mail boxes for several days without any explanation. Kevin went to the PO and cleared the log-jam and my glove was finally delivered and put into action. That type of customer care and service is rare in today's business climate. Will not hesitate to contact Kevin for any of my glove issues in the future and will keep his business card handy. 

Very nice job.
Great job. 

Great job on my glove. I thought it was done for good this time and you were able to resurrect it. Thanks

This was a great experience for my first time. The work was great, the turnaround time was fast. I did recommend and would recommend anyone to use your company to salvage the most valuable item a good glove. Keep up the great work, and thanks again. 

35 year old glove is reborn. its the only glove my 8 yr old will/can use!! thanks for allowing me to hold on to the past a while longer!! Great Work 

Great job. Great communication. Everything was done exactly how I asked. Thanks 

Pleased with the quality of work and the turnaround speed to get my glove back! Tom Clark 

My second time using Kevin's services at GloveRelace.com I tried going with some local guys but, was blown-off by saying he was too busy- never again. I'd rather pay the extra shipping charge for the great service and quality workmanship by GloveRelace.com and, the prices are a great value- especially when they offer a promotional discount. 

I've recommended this service to others You did a great job on a 60 year old glove. Very pleased.


I got it today… looks great!   My son and I were out playing catch this afternoon.

Thanks and Good luck,


Thank you so much. My glove has been sitting in my closet for 7 years and I was about to throw it away. It now looks brand new and the coolest thing is, is that my glove is on the main page of the web site. Thanks soooo much!!

Hi Kevin,

Got the glove. You did really good.  Don’t know how to say it better.

Thank you,


The glove is like new. Amazing.Great job.

The glove was like new. Also, I requested an overnight return and added some money to my order hoping it would cover the cost and you guys did what I requested. I've told at least 3 or 4 others about your company.

I was thrilled with the service. Feels like a new glove!!!

I had my son's 4 year old catcher's glove relaced.....it was in pretty bad shape. The pocket lacing was completely trashed and kludged together. When we received it back within the week after we sent it out, I was amazed at how good it looked. The lacing was heavy duty 1/4 inch lacing around the perimeter and pocket area and done very professionally. Very much worth the $50 bucks over buying a new glove and having to break it in all over again....I will mention that new lacing does stiffing up the glove considerably, but nothing like buying a brand new glove and 1/4th the price of a high quality catcher’s glove. Plus the memories remain, a glove is like an old friend. 

Very quick service, fast shipping, great job, looks really nice. thank you so much!!!

I was amazed at the lightning fast service and the stringing work was outstanding! I'll be back.

Better than I expected! My glove is so much better now.

I really appreciated the call I received telling me that I did not need the full relace I had ordered but only the fingers and web. Order was completed timely and perfect.

Thank you for the wonderful work! My old high-school and college glove looks brand new:) looks great . thanks...Because of the new lacing I needed to re-break in the glove but that was expected. a2000 must be 20 years old at least . reasonable price as well.

Thanks for relacing my A2000. Your quality of work is very appreciated along with your friendly communication and prompt service. Will definitely be sending you any of my gloves when it comes to relacing. Thanks again!!

very fast and very good job of re-lacing.

Very good service

I had the glove repaired for my son's 40th birthday. His father who recently passed away had given him that glove on his 15th birthday. My son was thrilled with the quality of the repair and it brought back many fond memories. Thank you again.

Work to relace my childhood glove came out really nice. Will recommend Glovelace to others.

Fast service. Great job done!

Great job, the glove looks and plays brand New but plays broken in.

i am very pleased with the professionalism and quick time of the relace

Fast service, great work, reasonable price, what's not to like?

I have sent you BOTH of my gloves and couldn’t be happier with their outcome. I told all my teammates about your service and they were also impressed with your talents...

The glove came back as I expected it to and looked perfect! I can't wait to use it for the upcoming season.

The glove is awesome.

I have tried to do this myself in the past that was a mistake. The job you did on my glove is perfect. I could not be happier. Every aspect is perfect. Other people I have shown it to agree.

Quick service and nice results on my glove.

Thanks for the work you did on my wife's glove.  She loved it.  It looked so much nicer, and functioned so much better.  She forgot how tight a glove is supposed to fit.

Better than new!

Excellent job on my glove. Fast and reasonable price. Would recommend to anyone who needs glove work done.